Tilley Gift Boxes

Elevate your gifting with Tilley Gift Boxes, designed for every occasion - housewarming, birthdays, or just because  – the ultimate gifting experience!

Each artisanal gift box has been intentionally designed by our team, curated with passion to fit a vibe and each product carefully road tested and personally loved by our designers.

An element that makes Tilley Gift Boxes extra unique is that all of our gift boxes offer the "Human" or "Human + Pet" gift box version, interchanging some gift items you see in that gift box, for a pet owner if you'd like. Just look out for the "paw" stamp! Because let's be real - we love humans but we love pets more.

If we're obsessed with these boxes, we know you will be too. So get to it - treat your friend, treat your dog, or treat yourself #gifttilleyandme

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