Conscious luxury personal care products to look, feel, and do good at any destination - for you and your dog. Oneiro knows what you need to look and feel your best on any vacation. Bottled with the most effective, clean hair and skin care ingredients in recyclable packaging and TSA-approved travel sizes to elevate your travel experience.

Oneiro believes in clean beauty that doesn't sacrifice effectiveness. They rigorously test their products to work for even the most sensitive skin, and follow the highest standards of clean!

Good for you, good for your dog, even better for the earth. Effective, convenient, clean, sustainable, responsible and made in the USA.

Effective. Clean. Sustainable. Responsible. Convenient.

Oneiro was born out of our deep appreciation for self-care and the love we share with our pets. Our founders, a group of body care enthusiasts and pet lovers, came together to create a brand that celebrates pampering for both humans and their four-legged companions. The result? A brand that's all about making self-care chic and ensuring pets get the pampering they deserve.

Our journey has been a delightful fusion of self-indulgence and pet affection, guided by our shared love for self-care rituals and pets. We believe that pampering is an art, whether it's you luxuriating in a bath or your pet enjoying a spa day. Our products are thoughtfully curated to make these moments unforgettable.