Our Story

Welcome to Tilley + Me, where pet and human essentials meet, a curated shop offering gift boxes and designer approved products to inspire adventures with you and your pet, and intentional living in your space.

Say goodbye to generic items for your home and furry friends, and say hello to Tilley + Me - your go-to for all things pet and human. From luxurious, washable blankets to personalized gift boxes that showcase your unique personality, our marketplace is filled with artisanal and affordable goods. We're here to bring human and pet needs under one roof, making shopping for your whole family, including the furry members, a fun and exciting experience.

At Tilley + Me, we're committed to offering a handpicked selection of products that are not only custom and unique but built to stand the test of time. From items that resonate with your personal style to bespoke pet gift boxes that capture your pet's essence, our marketplace is your go-to for goods that seamlessly integrate into your life.

Welcome to the journey!

Tilley Signature

Introducing Tilley Signature—a curated collection of designer approved products to inspire adventures with you and your pet, and intentional living in your space. Elevate your routine with thoughtful essentials that prioritize aesthetic and functionality, because we just have good taste - you're welcome :)

Tilley Trekk

Gear that is meticulously crafted to withstand the elements, tailored for humans and pets. Our versatile products transition seamlessly from urban to desert to beach settings, fitting road trips and airport escapes. As trend-spotters, we design thoughtful, stylish adventure gear that redefines aesthetic and innovation.

Tilley Trekk: For modern explorers and furry companions.

Tilley Merch

Fun-ctional and timeless merchandise designed for you and your dog, explore Tilley + Me apparel, bandanas, hats + bags!


Tilley + Me was born from Elizabeth's deep-rooted passion for design, cultivated over 15 years of leading her own successful design firm. Her journey extends beyond the realms of creativity; it's intertwined with her love for her furry companions and the vibrant SoCal coastal lifestyle. Living amidst the sun, surf, and mountains has fueled her creativity and inspired her to craft products that resonate with this unique blend of nature and urban living.

As a dedicated pet parent, Elizabeth has always cherished the profound bond shared between humans and their animal companions. From bringing her dogs along on office adventures to exploring distant lands together, she understands the significance of these relationships firsthand. It's this intimate connection that sparked the inception of Tilley + Me —an endeavor to bridge the gap between pet and human products, enriching the lives of both in the process.

Driven by her desire to create cool stuff for cool people and their pets, Elizabeth has made Dogtown—the epicenter of cool—her muse. Drawing inspiration from the vibrant energy and laid-back vibe of this cultural hub, she infuses each Tilley + Me creation with a touch of SoCal flair.

With her wealth of design expertise as a guiding force, Elizabeth has curated a collection of signature products that seamlessly blend functionality with aesthetic appeal. Each item is meticulously crafted to enhance the bond between pets and their owners, reflecting Elizabeth's unwavering commitment to quality and innovation.

Today, Tilley + Me stands as more than just an iconic brand; it's a testament to Elizabeth's vision and passion for creating meaningful connections. Our products can be found in boutique stores coast-to-coast, embodying the essence of the SoCal lifestyle and spreading joy to pet owners everywhere.