Tilley Signature

Tilley Signature is a curated collection of designer approved products to inspire adventures with you and your pet, and intentional living in your space. 

Tilley Home: Embrace intentional living with artisan-crafted products inspired by nature. Our designs fuse modern aesthetics with timeless appeal. Sustainability and durability are our core principles. From pets to people, our products blend beauty and functionality seamlessly. Explore Tilley Home's transformative, designer-inspired creations to elevate your living spaces.

Tilley Trekk: Innovative, versatile gear designed for modern explorers and their pets. From city to desert to beach, our trendy, multifunctional products enhance your journeys.

Tilley Merch: Fun-ctional and timeless merchandise designed for you and your dog, explore Tilley + Me apparel, bandanas, hats + bags!

Tilley Pet: A line created by our in-house designers who have a passion for their own pets. These rugged, washable, and classic pet products are built to withstand heavy use and accompany your active lifestyle, from the beach to the city. Your pets deserve the best! We’re so confident you’ll love our products we offer a lifetime guarantee!!


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