Lola James Harper | 6 Promenade in Vincennes Wood Candle






Lola James Harper’s fragrances are inspired by founder Rami Mekdachi’s memories of favorite places, friends, and the creative energy that flowed around them. Scents inspired by travel, music and familial bonds. Each scent is created from a treasured memory, an adored moment like making music in a friend’s home or teatime in Barcelona. Crafted in France, these passions have been imbued into candles and fragrances sure to take you back to the places and times that inspired them.

Treat yourself or others to a set of a Lola James Harper Candle + Room Spray in your favorite scent.

The Promenade in Vincennes Wood Scent Notes: Green Tea/Lily/Wood

Story: In Vincennes, next to Paris, there is a spot like a prairie hidden in the middle of the forest... perfect to play music or relax with family and friends... and The Promenade in Vincennes Wood Candle was formulated.

As you light the The Promenade in Vincennes Wood Candle, the air becomes infused with a harmonious blend of scents that evoke the ambiance of the Promenade. This best-selling fragrance takes you on a sensory journey, surrounded by the refreshing aromas of lush greenery, delicate wildflowers, and the subtle hint of earthy woodland notes.

The Promenade in Vincennes Wood Candle Details: 

Candle Jar Capacity: 6.7 oz

Burn Instructions: To enjoy your candle, always cut the wick before lighting it and burn it by cycles of 3 hours

Fabrication: Vegetal and mineral wax. Vegan - No animal derived ingredients, meeting IFRA standards + Washington convention / C.I.T.I.E.S. standards.