Convertible Messenger Style Pet Mat and Bed with Pocket | Tilley Trekk






The desert-inspired design adds an undeniably cool and adventurous vibe to your outings. Whether you're a rugged explorer, a fashion-forward trendsetter, or simply a pet lover looking for comfort on the go, our Convertible Messenger Mat is the perfect choice. It embodies the spirit of adventure, making every journey feel like a desert expedition – rugged, cool, and perfect for everyone! 

This versatile accessory rolls up neatly into a handled bag, making it an excellent choice for those day trips with dogs, horses, and companions. The standout feature is its impeccable durability – crafted from rugged canvas and reinforced with double stitching, it's designed to withstand the demands of diverse outdoor settings.

Notably, the mat maintains a great balance between being lightweight and robust. When carried by a horse, its negligible weight addition ensures convenience without compromising durability. 

Beyond its durability, the mat serves multiple functions – from a comfortable mat to a versatile blanket or pad. Whether in wooded terrains, on grassy lawns, or atop bleacher seats, its adaptability shines through.

Crafted from tough, resilient canvas, this mat can handle whatever adventure you throw at it. Explore the great outdoors, take in a beach sunset, café hop, hit that concert in the park or just rest and meditate. Carry it messenger style, roll it up like a yoga mat, or tote it like a bag – it's a multi-purpose wonder! Sturdy adjustable handles, antique brass hardware and double stitched seams, make this a timeless accessory.

We haven't forgotten about our furry companions! The soft insulated layer is gentle on your pet's joints, providing them with a cozy spot to rest during your adventures. It's the perfect companion for your four-legged friend, and they'll love it just as much as you do!


Convertible Messenger Style Pet Mat and Bed Details: 

Open Mat Dimensions: x 20" x 38"
Closed Mat Dimensions: 14.5 x 18" 

-Water Resistant Cotton Canvas
-Antique Brass Hardware

Size Chart