Natural Dye Bandanas - Sample Sale

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Introducing our Shibori & Ice Dye Bandanas – the accessory that gives "cool as ice" a whole new meaning!

During the sample dye process for our bandanas, some beautiful colors were produced on these production samples! Colors ranging from clay, to avocado green to indigo blue - although they belong outside of the core color collection, we still wanted to share them with you and the world!

It's not just a bandana; each piece is a handmade and totally unique work of art. Tie your hair up, wear it around your neck – heck, you can even tuck in your back pocket just for looks. 

Oh, and the best part? It suits your pet too! Because twinning with your furry friend is a whole new level of awesome. If you're super into the look, we've even got socks to match – because when it comes to style, for you and your pet we think you should look "cool" (see how we did that?)! 

Sample Sale Natural Ice Dye Bandanas Details: 

Dimensions: Mix and Match triangle and square dimensions to fit a range of small to large size dogs

Drop a note of your color preference and we will do our best to accommodate the palette of your choice depending on availability. 

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