Reusable Can Lid Food Saver






The silicone lid & can spoon set for dogs and cats are a great choice for feeding your pet. It's specifically designed to avoid any leakage that can occur when feeding dry food, as well as messes on your counters. This set can be used with all-around cans, making it easy to organize your pet's meals while keeping them away from your food storage area for canned foods and dry foods as well.

With an anti-leakage design that is BPA-free, this silicone lid & can spoon set can be applied to all-around cans. The easy lid opening makes it easier for your dog or cat to eat their food without spilling any of it and will keep your pet's food fresh. Each lid has three diameters that are appropriate for the majority of small, medium, and big cans on the market: 2.56", 2.95", and 3.35".

Silicone Lid & Can Spoon Details"

Dimensions: Lid 2.56"/2.95"/3.35"  

                      Spoon 2.28" x 1.37"

Material of Silicone Lid & Can Spoon: Silica Gel

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